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Made with 1/4 solid maple wood 2  1/4 x 2  1/4 x  6"


Inspired by actual events we feel this trap solves the age-old conflict between "heart and mind" as well as "mice and men".   


Just place a small piece of cheese at the back of the trap.*  When the mouse climbs in and goes to the back for the cheese**, the trap will close shut.  With the mouse unharmed, you now can let it go free somewhere other than your home. 


The trap comes in three different non edible flavors: Maple, Cherry, and Walnut.  This one is the Maple version. Don't worry we have also included some wood protecting liners in case the mouse stays a little too long...


*Parental guidance required for catching and releasing the mice.


**Cheese not included.  

Genuine Woodbury Mousetrap

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